8km flight

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Re: 8km flight

Post autor: Andrej » środa, 27 sie 2014, 11:02

I regret I didn't gave you mine for testing (got 3D gyroscope and GPS also, but it is a large 5x12cm flat panel normally designed as an autopilot for airplanes and other secret things), maybe another time if you would be interested.

Hello Krzysztof

If there will be a launch next year in Drawsko-Pomorskie I plan to fly a single stage rocket with a 35kNs motor. The bodytube is 110mm in diameter so there will be enough space and I would be more than happy to fly your board. You can send me a drawing of the board attachment holes layout and we can attach the board there, or you can send me the board and I will mount it myself. Are there any special power requirements? What type of battery is recommended?